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At Limber, each massage is customized according to the client's individual needs. From muscle-specific deep tissue to a more general Swedish massage, our therapists draw from a variety of modalities to craft an unforgettable experience. Pressure and specific areas of focus are determined by the client and therapist together before - and sometimes during - each session. Therapeutic-grade essential oils and hot packs are used as needed at no extra cost.

If you are booking an individual massage treatment, please take a moment to fill out our intake form.

For a fully tailored experience, please fill out our customization form prior to your appointment.

Massage Therapy

Short and Sweet Swedish

This treatment is designed to facilitate healing in a short amount of time. Best if focused on specific areas. Medium to firm pressure is used to create an overall therapeutic treatment.

$130 | 50 min

Athletic Recovery

Preparing for a competition? Recovering from an injury? Our Athletic Recovery massage will improve circulation, increase joint mobility, reduce pain, and treat injuries. A perfect addition to any training regimen!

$165 | 1 hr 20 min

Restorative Swedish

Take your relaxation to the next level with this double-length Swedish massage. This treatment is thoroughly nurturing and will leave you de-stressed from head to toe.

$190 | 1 hr 50 min

Chair Massage

Want to do something nice for your event or employees? Book now and we will perform chair massage services on-site. *NOTE: Minimum 3 hours required for booking.

$100 | 1 hr


Hot Stone Treatment

Integrating hot stones into a soothing massage will quickly enhance your relaxation, releasing lactic acid and other wastes much quicker than massage alone.


$50 | 20 min

Essential Oil Diffusion

Choose from a wide variety of essential oils to be diffused throughout the room during the length of your treatment.


Soothing Swedish

Our Soothing Swedish massage offers relaxation for the entire body with long, smooth strokes that lengthen the muscles, improve circulation, and flush out lactic acid. Light to medium pressure.

$155 | 1 hr 20 min

Deep Tissue

This firm, focused-pressure massage is suited for anyone with chronic pain, an injury, or range-of-motion issues. Slow, intentional strokes stimulate deep into the muscle tissue to loosen the fibers, alleviate pain, and increase mobility.

$175 | 1 hr 20 min

In-Depth Therapeutic

A longer version of our Deep Tissue massage. This treatment not only allows for time to really focus on problem areas but also offers a firm, full-body massage.

$210 | 1 hr 50 min

In-Depth Therapeutic

Go the extra mile and book a table session for your company, event, or party. Everyone will thank you! *NOTE: Minimum 3 hours required for booking.

$125 | 1 hr


Head & Toe Relief

Add this treatment to any massage for an over-the-top experience. This mini-session will focus on your scalp, neck, shoulders, and feet - totally underrated areas that need love too!

$45 | 30 min

Nutrition Coaching

One-on-one coaching detailing the steps we can take to hit your nutrition goals. We can work together to get you excited about eating healthier.

$45 | 1 hr

Corporate & Events


What Our Clients Say

Alaira Clay

"I always enjoy receiving a massage from Limber! The atmosphere is always relaxing and provides comfort. Her massage techniques are firm, calm and feels great! You will not be disappointed!! I look forward to every session :)"
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